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August 8 – The Power of Wisdom

Victorious Market Place Saint, THE POWER OF WISDOM ┬áThe tide of events in this millennium demands essentially the institution of divine wisdom operating through the righteous. James 3:15-17 Presents the subject in two frames. Wisdom from above producing good fruits. Wisdom from earth which is sensual and devilish. This clarifies why we sometimes get wrong […]

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July 25 – Instructions

Victorious Market Place Saint, INSTRUCTIONS The subject as stated is a relevant phenomenon by God in the management of His will in the systems of heaven and earth. A very prudent method by which leadership transmits visions, plans, procedures and results through the ranks and file of every human or spiritual organization. Therefore suggesting that […]

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July 18 – Appointed Opportunities

Victorious Market Place Saint, APPOINTED OPPORTUNITIES Great visions are never realized until certain designated events occur for their establishment into tangible and practical realties. The Market Place values, exploits and successes are packaged in various scenarios and circumstances. Such prospects are defined in what is called opportunities. Biblically, we see the same principles at work […]

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July 11 – The Harvest of Time

Victorious Market Place Saint, THE HARVEST OF TIME On the fourth day of creation which signified the middle of the seven day work process of God and Rest, He made Time and Seasons.┬áTime therefore was established to hold and calibrate the first three days and the last three days together in alignment to the perfect […]

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June 20 – The Enriched Blessing

Victorious Market Place Saint, THE ENRICHED BLESSING The Gorgeous view of the 18,000 foot Mt. Ararat from the Armenian city of Yerevan where our conference just ended stimulates ones intrigue about Noah’s ark and the flood which destroyed the world. Genesis 6, God complains about man, “My spirit shall no more strive with man.” This […]

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