A Word For Your Week

September 18th – Abundance – Fruitfulness

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ABUNDANCE – FRUITFULNESS Fruitfulness is the captivation of abundance in the marketplace. It is the power needed to move every vision from one level to the other. Defined as producing good results, it is beneficial to all who desire to make impact in life and the business world in particular. It is […]

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September 3rd – Abundance – The Purpose

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ABUNDANCE – THE PURPOSE Abundance is defined as: extremely plentiful or over sufficient. The marketplace is designed to be the central live wire of world economy, but without the ability to meet the global demands this purpose is defeated. The very creation process clearly establishes how God made all things bountifully, including […]

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August 12th – Abundance – The Principle

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ABUNDANCE – THE PRINCIPLE Abundance is defined as more than, extremely plentiful, over sufficient quantity or supply, overflow. In God’s first pronouncement on man’s productive activity He said in Genesis 1:28, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion […]

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July 30th – Anticipation

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ANTICIPATION Anticipation: the act of anticipating; expectant waiting; realization in advance. Foresight, expectation or hope, are attributes of every progressive business leader. Your expectations set the tone for your drive for results. Anticipation shapes your preferences and determines your passion to resist the odds. It is a sure sign for where you […]

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July 23rd – Precision

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PRECISION Precision is the state or quality of being precise, accurate or exact. It is a very needed attribute in today’s marketplace personality, especially with the kind of disturbingly contrary winds that seems to be blowing in the global socio-economic systems today. It makes you cut straight through to victory and good […]

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