A Word For Your Week

October 23rd – Thoughts

Victorious Marketplace Saint, THOUGHTS The marketplace is made up of great minds competing together for recognition at all times. Strong mental power is capital worthy of strategic investment to everyone who lives a productive life. The economic system of the earth is a byproduct of thoughts linking together from generation to generation. The thought processes […]

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October 7th – Authority – Part II

Victorious Marketplace Saint, AUTHORITY – PART II Defined as the right and power to command and to determine or judge. The subject places a lot of enabling power into the hands of the marketplace leaders. Authority, which is also defined as being an expert in a specific field or industry needs to be placed in […]

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September 30th – Authority – Part I

Victorious Marketplace Saint, AUTHORITY – PART I Authority is the right and power to command; to enforce laws; to exact obedience; determined or judged; an expert in a given field. It is one of the acts of God and of the blessings bestowed upon man when he was created. God blessed man in Gen 1:28 […]

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September 18th – Abundance – Fruitfulness

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ABUNDANCE – FRUITFULNESS Fruitfulness is the captivation of abundance in the marketplace. It is the power needed to move every vision from one level to the other. Defined as producing good results, it is beneficial to all who desire to make impact in life and the business world in particular. It is […]

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