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March 16th – Appreciation & Participation Part II – Drive

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ANTICIPATION & PARTICIPATION PART II – DRIVE  Foresight and connecting to the right participations develop a passion and a kinetic energy that drives your journey of excellence. Anticipation causes the quarterback on a football team to drive the ball to a win. God’s purpose to establish His glory drives Him to release […]

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March 9th – Anticipation & Participation

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ANTICIPATION & PARTICIPATION  Leadership and cutting edge marketplace trends work effectively with anticipation and participation. Whereas anticipation is realizing in advance or foresight, participation is the fact of taking part or sharing. Furthermore, whereas the marketplace is an atmosphere of competitive drive, on the contrary, participation helps to calm the stressful waters […]

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Trend Part V – The Anointing of God

Victorious Marketplace Saint, TREND PART V – THE ANOINTING OF GOD The Anointing is the mountain moving, creative power of the Holy Spirit given to man for extraordinary performances. It is a consistent trend of God to anoint the ordinary vessel for honorable duties in His name. It is designed to be a game changer. […]

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Trend Part IV – The Favor of God

Victorious Marketplace Saint, TREND PART IV – THE FAVOR OF GOD  The favor of God is an additional package of the Most High given to people, businesses, etc. in the generations of time to establish His counsel. It is therefore a means to an end. Without a well purposeful intention, favor is irrelevant. Defined as […]

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February 10th – Trend Part III – The Blessing

Victorious Marketplace Saint, TREND PART III – THE BLESSING  Trends are defined as general or prevailing tendencies which change with time and shift with human cultural values. They are subject to circumstances and taste. Therefore they may end suddenly by the passing away of men, organizations and leadership. However, the Trend of God’s Blessing endures […]

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