A Word For Your Week

February 15th – Partnership: “Timing”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP: “TIMING” Timing is defined as: the selecting of the best time. Timing is everything; in other words, there is nothing done outside time. It influences thoughts, principles, plans and accomplishments. Be sensitive to timing. Set your time right. Allow it to manage your virtues wisely. Separate divine time from natural passions. […]

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February 8th – Partnership: “Worthiness”

Victorious Marketplace Saint,   PARTNERSHIP: “WORTHINESS”   You must deserve your friends and relevant partnerships. There are many variables and constants that play together in leadership. Variations are not dependable, but constants are.   – May you be dependable. – May your purpose be worth the attraction into networking. – Invest worthiness and you will […]

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January 26th – Partnership: “Value”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP: “VALUE” Defined as: relative worth, merit or importance; it is the essence of success stories, sound vision and success. It is also the reason why likeminded dreamers attach themselves to a passion. The purpose of partnership therefore is to increase the relative worth of ourselves and the works of our hands. […]

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January 17th – Partnership: “The Principle”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP Partnership is defined: The state or condition of being a partner, participation, association and joint interest. Association of persons joined as partners in Business. “THE PRINCIPLE” – PART 1 Every effective leadership module has guiding truths and working principles. Partnership is a principle that will not fail if well established. It […]

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December 28th – Effectiveness

Victorious Marketplace Saint, EFFECTIVENESS Defined as adequate to accomplish purpose, effectiveness is the hallmark of perseverance. The progressive leader is determined to fulfill set out goals and targets. But without a personal drive to be effective, nothing extraordinary can be accomplished. Protect your vision with positive attitudes. Keep the right atmosphere needed to be effective. […]

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