A Word For Your Week

The Word of the Week is designed to feed your visions, dreams and purpose with fresh inspirations and strength.

Generations past, present and future have always been dependent on credible and cutting edge leaders who lay hold on unique keys for success at unusual moments in time.

Meditating on unshakable core values of Biblical truths has proved to successfully separate necessities from luxuries as well as common and uncommon. The scale of preference of higher achievers are usually tested and reshaped to handle the thrust of incredible resolves, which bring joy, relief and solutions to many. Meditation on God’s Word also gives you unshakable strengths and staying power no matter the dimensions of storms you may face. The same classic understanding which set King Solomon apart in his time to make silver as common as stones for economic strength, to say the least, is still available now in our days.

Every civil human society is predominately designed to be shaped and held together by a three-folded ingenious network of:

  1. The politicians who promulgate laws and supervise the ordinance of governance made up of the executive, the judiciary and the legislature.
  2. The market place community who interprets the laws into economics, goods, services and finance.
  3. The priesthood who advocates for God, morality and intercessional prayer for divine support, protection, covering and encouragement to society.

The world today is thirsty for enduring solutions than theories. Having said that, I pray that you are one of the few chosen to bring down the horizon of breakthroughs to the common man by your endeavor to make a difference without apology. May your inclusion of this generation be justified by the landmark changes you represent.

Wishing you an illuminated journey of conquest, creativity, passion and partnership with God given wisdom as you listen to the Word of the Week.

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  1. Bk Presents
    Feb 09, 2014

    Thank you for the word of the week. May God give GBF success stories, and great results to everyone that will attend the Business Breakfast Events. May financial support be given to every Business Sponsor.

    God Bless,

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