A Word For Your Week

May 24th – Activity II – “Vision”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ACTIVITY II – “VISION” Vision is a very powerful thing to have but it is more effective when augmented by the right kind of activities. The leader in you constantly demands constructive decisions and a life directed by purpose. For your life to be productive you must monitor your results and advancement […]

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April 19th – “Activity”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, ACTIVITY Understanding the required activity for your dreams is key to every purpose driven life. Activity is defined as the quality of being active, we therefore need to tailor our future to specific deeds that are necessary to our advancement. Your activities amplify your hidden dreams. Activity defines purpose. Protect your functionalities […]

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April 12th – Partnership: “Greed Elimination II”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP – “GREED ELIMINATION II” Greed is defined as excessive crave for success and achievements and often has anti-climax tendencies. It is completely contrary to the nature of God. Every partnership deal should deliberately avoid overlooking the subject. The end result of excessive greed will also produce lawlessness and imbalance. Build relationships […]

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March 30th – Partnership – “Greed Elimination”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP – “GREED ELIMINATION” Greed is defined as excessive desire for wealth or possessions. Selflessness has always been key to unusual success stories. It is the main killer of greed. Whereas selflessness is having little or no concern for oneself especially with regard to fame, position, money, greed is the opposite. However, […]

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March 8th – Partnership: “Goal Setting II – Team Selection”

Victorious Marketplace Saint, PARTNERSHIP: “GOAL SETTING II – TEAM SELECTION” It is always natural to see eagles flock together. This is because they have an understanding of their pedigree, their standards and habitat. For this matter, their world is exclusive to their purpose. Teamwork is like that. You usually don’t click well in a partnership […]

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