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June 1st – Opportunity

Victorious Marketplace Saint, OPPORTUNITY  Opportunity is defined as an appropriate or favorable occasion and time. It is the one singular thing every progressive thinker waits for in the marketplace or public office. However, it is needful to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Advantaged by our fellowship with God, He is […]

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May 23rd – Output and Quality IV

Victorious Marketplace Saint, OUTPUT AND QUALITY IV  To the extent to which your quality driven principles are not compromised is the dimension to which you lead your industry. God created everything in a mass production status without compromising values. In His image and after His likeness you are to be a world changer. Keep a […]

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April 22nd – Output and Quality III

Victorious Marketplace Saint, OUTPUT AND QUALITY III  A valued network is made up of the visionary personalities involved. It is a direct link to creating a congenial atmosphere to excel in productivity and standards. That is to say, atmospheres can determine values. Great leaders invest into future potential. Patient nurturing produces rich and stable relationships. […]

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April 7th – Output and Quality II

Victorious Marketplace Saint, OUTPUT AND QUALITY II  The most graphic examples of output and quality are registered in the acts, the ways and words of God. The dimension of mass production of all things in God’s Kingdom is staggering. The galaxies, the innumerable amount of angels, vegetation, mountains, birds, fish, etc. were all mass produced […]

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March 31st – Output and Quality

Victorious Marketplace Saint, OUTPUT AND QUALITY  Mass-producing mindedness can reduce quality. Compromise in leadership has never advanced great visions. It is the one reason why businesses fail and eventually fold-up. God has called us to increase, be fruitful, multiply, replenish and have dominion with high standards. The Kingdom of God sometimes seems to be challenged […]

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